On February 24th, we joined the Special Exhibition “To-no-Yagura
and Karamete” (To Watchtower and the Rear Gate area).

The inside of To-no-Ⅰmon

Although there is no clear historical evidence, it has long been thought
that To-no-Ⅰ-mon (To Gate Ⅰ) was moved from Okishio(Ojio) Castle.
It is the only gate with no white plaster.

Masugata koguchi (A Gate with a box-shaped space in front)  
Between the “To-no-Ⅰ-mon” (To Gate Ⅰ) and  the “To-no-Ⅱ-mon” (To Gate Ⅱ)
is the box-shaped “masugata”. This is the only structure in the castle that
keeps the original “masugata” form.  


Osakabe Shrine
East from To-no-Ⅱ-mon (To Gate Ⅱ), we saw the stone monument of
Osakabe Shrine standing out against the sky.

                                 To-no-Yagura(To Watch Tower)
                         The To Watchtower is in the
                         eastern part of the Main Tower
                         and played an important defensive
                         role. Seen from above the building
                         is diamond shaped.

The inside of To Watch Tower





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